Fishing trip at Pantai Sawangan, Kuala Penyu, Sabah : Day One

Two days in a row... That's the most tiring and fun day. The weather was fine and mostly cloudy. Not so hot and it's windy. We reach there around 11.30 pm.

If you see beyond the jetty, there is an island. That island is where the first Survivor were held. The island called Pulau Tiga.

This is the beach view from the jetty. The beach is generally clean. I recommend this beach to be a picnic spot. But this beach lack some basic infrastructure such as toilet and changing room. Hmm... Nice beach but no toilet.

So, fishing time... My wife with her fishing gear.

After 5 hours of fishing and almost getting sunburn (it is not the heat that cause sunburn but the UV) we went home after only getting ONE (yes, one) small fish.

Arghhh *&%$&^$&(*

Since my wife didn't satisfied with the catch (and she didn't catch any), she persuade me to go next day (17 Sept/Monday). So the next day, early in the morning (again) we went there.