Epiphone Casino. (Heaven, I found it!!)

Yes, finally. My dream has come true. 9/9/07 sure is a good date for a "newborn".

Epiphone Casino with hard case Rm2900 (after Rm450 discount)!!! (That piece of paper there is the receipt). Welcome to the family Casino! Here is your brother, Takamine Classical Guitar.

And now introducing the amp... (I kept it as a secret since my last visit to KL)
Fender Frontman. Bought at Yamaha Music, Midvalley.

Below is the amp inside a luggage bag. I have to put it inside the bag since the renovation haven't started yet. (Well this morning, I'm pretty sure that they will start the job soon because instead of my normal Handphone alarm clock, their hammer knocking the wall wake me up this morning!)

The shop just newly open there. I manage to try out this amp also using an Epiphone guitar there. Imagine, when I said I wanted to try this amp, the guy who in-charge the tell me that I can pick up any guitar for testing. And I said jokingly "Hmm... Can I use the RM9000 Yamaha Archtop guitar?" And he said "Sure". Well, I don't want any FUBAR situation so I pick the Epiphone instead (I don't want to end up buying the RM9000 guitar instead of RM590 Fender amp haha..) Yeah testing it with 'in water' hearing in that moment.

And not forgetting, it seems that today gonna be my lucky day since I found my lost necklace. At my very room too!!!

Note the Dragon pendant....

Well God Bless Me...


p/s: Kay, I don't know how to make a video for the sound testing and also I'm "malu-malu" to show my skill since my skill just like kindergarten kids.


Kay Kastum said...

You have a Handycam ka? If not use your digital camera also can lar..use the video mode.
Apa want to malu, I have been playing like since Form 1 but still having problem finding out where on earth is C#m.. and my scale all hantam punya.. he he
BTW, she is one sexy babe! Congrats man!!