Casino or Dot? The Epiphone dilemma

As you know that last month I went to Kuala Lumpur with an ultimate mission. To buy an arch top guitar. Since on that trip was right on time with the Merdeka Sales (the sales was making my black eyes grey!!) I have to say to myself "Just buy the guitar at Kota Kinabalu. It will save you from baggage trouble." Yup the problem occur to me since I bought a lots of new cloths (can replace my existing wardrobe already!!) and my wife shopping spree, we have to buy TWO extra BIG beg to store all of the spoil.

Opss... actually my thing occupied all the beg :D Hehhee….

Since I already promise myself to buy the guitar at KK, more trouble came and almost makes me cancel my promise.

First, two day before I fly to KL, I send my car to install the Body Kit. Now, my budget (for the guitar) almost gone since the car haven’t been fully paid. Find it out that I need to pay another Rm300 as balance for the painting job.

Second, my dad’s car needs servicing. The aircond refuse to work and driving in this weather (as you know if it sunny, it’s hot like hell. If it’s raining, you won’t see anything since you windscreen will be fogged by you body heat) it is really spelling disaster. Then one day, I tried to switch on the air cond, black smoke comes out from the hood. I take a look inside and I really sure the compressor dead/kaput. Hmm…. $$$$ again. Went to repair it on Monday and cost me Rm610 for replacing the compressor and another RM120 for regular service for the car. Luckily I manage to claim money from my dad for the aircond job. (Hm… what a sohai am I)

But anyway, back to the guitar. This is the one that have smaller price tag.

Epiphone Dot. RM2450.Come with hard case. Well, the color is not black. It is similar to this one that have the bigger price tag.

Epiphone Sheraton. RM3450. Also come with hard case.

I have to admit I hate the Dot version and I know I have to "ikat perut" for the extra 1 Grand just to get the Sheraton. But this one that I really want to get my hands on.

Epiphone Casino. Yeah, the one that John Lennon use while performing their famous (The Beatles) last concert/show. But I don't see any of the guitar shop here in KK selling this guitar.


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Kay Kastum said...

Those price are from Bentley kah?
When sudah beli, do a video demo lah. I would love to hear how it sounds like...

LeeJB said...

Nope. It's from KK price. I think in KL it would be slightly cheaper. Well this epi are from korean and I also think all epi come from there.