Casino or Dot? The dilemma answered... (Hell my necklace is missing!!)

Finally after thinking, asking, research and endless sleepless night for 3 weeks (I just made the last one up heheh..), yesterday, right after all the trouble that came; dad’s car needs fixing, my car haven't been paid in full yet but already settle it Thursday, lost my precious 'Ah Long' necklace that belong to my dad and my mum (necklace belongs to my dad and the 'Dragon' pendant belongs to my mum), finally I made up my mind.

I went to Hollywood Music center and guess what, I miss seeing that Epiphone Casino also were displayed there!! Yay!!

RM3350 plus hard case. Rm100 cheaper than Sheraton II.

Here is The Beatles performing Don't Let Me Down (my favorite song!) with John Lennon flaunting his Casino. I heard that he repainted his Casino to white (shown in this clip)

About the lost ‘Ah Long’ necklace, I guess that is my mistake. Not only a mistake, but failures to handle things that are not suppose to be put inside my %$#@ing pocket in the first place. My wife also lost her bracelet by putting it inside her pocket few weeks (I think about 1 ½ month) ago and I didn’t learn from it and instead scolded her by putting the bracelet there. Well, I guess I kena “ketulahan” (local means Karma) and lost even more precious thing. My parents don’t know about it yet and I hope next month I manage to find replacement (dapat cari yang sama lagi bagus), give back to my parents, and I promise I don’t want to wear anything precious again. *sigh*

But I think I got this kind of jinx. Let me explain it. IF suddenly I stare/looking really close to it/thinking how good it is in 'don't want to lose it' kind of feeling, definitely the things will broke/lost in few weeks. That’s what happens to my two front teeth. I still remember when I still in high school, I was chewing ice cube in that time, I'm thinking that what a strong front teeth that I've got. Then after 3-4 weeks, I met an accident and lost my teeth. And yet, I still remember looking the necklace at close proximity(ngam ka ayat ni?) [Now I'm thinking about Stevie Wonder, Superstition. Hmmm....]

Well now I'm going out to ATM machine to withdraw my hard earn money.....