British couple's 22-year motel stop

Wahh... This couple really live their life to the fullest. Never have to clean up their room, doing any laundery and even cooking.

David Davidson, 79, and his wife, Jean, 70, first tried out a Travelodge hotel while visiting a sick aunt in 1985 -- and were instantly hooked.

The couple have spent around 100,000 pounds (200,000 dollars, 150,000 euros) renting rooms which cost them as little as 15 pounds (30 dollars, 22 euros) a night.

His wife added: "We don't get hit with huge heating bills over the winter and its safer than a lot of places these days."

Hmm... that's sound reasonable since I have to find other place to stay while the renovation were being done. I already found a place but still decide whether to stay there or not. Rm300 per month, fully furnish plus hot shower and aircond room. Maybe, will end up like them too...

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Zai said...

interesting story..

' - d a n i e l = ' The small mighty. said...

ever do housework need alot of money?

hard to believe it.

btw, thx for share with us tat story.

take care