Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival Part 2 (1st session)

The evening was great although it's hot. I'm sweating until my jeans are wet. and this are the view behind the stage.

First session were started by local Jazz band such as band from SIA (Sabah Institute of Art), Rimba and some that I can't remember.

Getting ready and tuning up their struts....

Band from SIA (Sabah Institute of Arts)

This lad came from Labuan. I can't recall his name. Those who know please tell me. He performed a few songs from his own album. I can’t remember all but one of his songs I can recall is a hymns song that’s “In His Time”.

This one called Kendo. That guy at the keyboard are Japanese. That guy with guitar are chinese. (We just called them local band lol)

This band were made when they join the Jamming Session at the Hyatt Hotel 3 weeks before the fest. They perform songs like Fly Me To The Moon, Fever. This band is great because they feature an Erhu in their band. Experimental.

The guy with Erhu. (And he play Jazz too!!)
Rimba, that is what they called themself. They performed Ethnic Jazz. This band are well known in Kota Kinabalu and performing at local clubs.

So this is the end of first session.