Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival Part 1

Before I start this post I would like to comment myself about how I put my words in this blog. I know my engrish (English) are sucks. Blame it to my Semenanjung Malaysia teacher who spoil my “better” english that I’ve learn in La Salle. But let me try to make some changes here. This post may or may not be divided into few post but since I’ve misplaced my Jazz Festival booklet (I put some notes there just for my reference to put it in this blog), this maybe inevitable.

I went off from my office early that evening. Drove my car and park it front of the Home and Garden Shop. I arrive there around 5.15 pm and proceed to window shopping in Home and Garden. End up buying a 1996 January National Geographic issue worth RM8.00. Go out from the shop and put the book inside the car and proceed to Tong Hing and start window shopping again. (Eh, why such a long intro?)

Ok, to save you from the pain of long intro, let me put it in my way. Haha...

My wife arrives around 6.05 pm and we meet at the Harrisson Trading (we have to park our car there because we expect that Jesselton Point parking lot will be crowded). We walk fast as we don’t want to be missed anything since they claim that they start at 6 pm.

When we arrive there, the crowds are starting to take their seats. When we passed the usher, I thought that we were given a booklet/program book (since I bought expensive tickets) but they say that the booklet is for sale for RM5 each. Pay so much for the ticket but have to buy the booklet? Never mind.

I have to smuggle my camera coz I afraid that they will not allow camera during the concert. I have such incident where I tried to bring a camera to a cargo ship but that to give it to the security. So this is what I’ve taken during the concert. (I wish that I could put all of it here but it’s one hundred plus in total, so I will put some here and make an online album for all to see)