Back from sick

I just survive my sickness ordeal. First, fever. During this time, I got some hearing problem. It's like I'm in water trying to hear people talking to me .

Then diarrhea. Worst. And I don't want to elaborate here on how many times I went to the toilet since Monday morning hehe ...

I'm sorry because I didn't update my Jazz review ASAP. Work have been hectic since we finish our company trip to Kuala Lumpur. Yeah even I'm sick, I still go to work. But not yesterday.

I have to admit I'm still weak even though I'm ok now. So for those who waiting for the Jazz update, just wait. It won't be long.

Back from holiday....

It was fun. But now I am sick. Update tomorrow.

Busy weekend

I'll be away from my pc anytime soon. So until then I will continue my full review on the jazz fest.I just sent my car to the workshop to put on the body kit. Cost me RM700++ for it. Today I will dismantle my pc from this table to make way for the wall renovation. If I manage to hook up with internet (and find time for update), then I will put up some update for my trip in Kuala Lumpur.

To compensate the full review of KK Jazz Fest, here is link to a great blogsite for Jazz lover. This Jazz blog are condense with Jazz reference and lesson. The main website are run by a Belgium Jazz player, Dirk Laukens. So enjoy it...

Jazz Guitar Blog link

Jazz Guitar website

Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival Part 2 (1st session)

The evening was great although it's hot. I'm sweating until my jeans are wet. and this are the view behind the stage.

First session were started by local Jazz band such as band from SIA (Sabah Institute of Art), Rimba and some that I can't remember.

Getting ready and tuning up their struts....

Band from SIA (Sabah Institute of Arts)

This lad came from Labuan. I can't recall his name. Those who know please tell me. He performed a few songs from his own album. I can’t remember all but one of his songs I can recall is a hymns song that’s “In His Time”.

This one called Kendo. That guy at the keyboard are Japanese. That guy with guitar are chinese. (We just called them local band lol)

This band were made when they join the Jamming Session at the Hyatt Hotel 3 weeks before the fest. They perform songs like Fly Me To The Moon, Fever. This band is great because they feature an Erhu in their band. Experimental.

The guy with Erhu. (And he play Jazz too!!)
Rimba, that is what they called themself. They performed Ethnic Jazz. This band are well known in Kota Kinabalu and performing at local clubs.

So this is the end of first session.

Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival Part 1

Before I start this post I would like to comment myself about how I put my words in this blog. I know my engrish (English) are sucks. Blame it to my Semenanjung Malaysia teacher who spoil my “better” english that I’ve learn in La Salle. But let me try to make some changes here. This post may or may not be divided into few post but since I’ve misplaced my Jazz Festival booklet (I put some notes there just for my reference to put it in this blog), this maybe inevitable.

I went off from my office early that evening. Drove my car and park it front of the Home and Garden Shop. I arrive there around 5.15 pm and proceed to window shopping in Home and Garden. End up buying a 1996 January National Geographic issue worth RM8.00. Go out from the shop and put the book inside the car and proceed to Tong Hing and start window shopping again. (Eh, why such a long intro?)

Ok, to save you from the pain of long intro, let me put it in my way. Haha...

My wife arrives around 6.05 pm and we meet at the Harrisson Trading (we have to park our car there because we expect that Jesselton Point parking lot will be crowded). We walk fast as we don’t want to be missed anything since they claim that they start at 6 pm.

When we arrive there, the crowds are starting to take their seats. When we passed the usher, I thought that we were given a booklet/program book (since I bought expensive tickets) but they say that the booklet is for sale for RM5 each. Pay so much for the ticket but have to buy the booklet? Never mind.

I have to smuggle my camera coz I afraid that they will not allow camera during the concert. I have such incident where I tried to bring a camera to a cargo ship but that to give it to the security. So this is what I’ve taken during the concert. (I wish that I could put all of it here but it’s one hundred plus in total, so I will put some here and make an online album for all to see)

KK Jazz Festival

Today is the day. The day that I've been waiting for. I will bring my camera. Hope there is no restriction on camera though. I will update soon.

In case if your car are sinking.

I stumble this article while repairing my bos pc. I know this is useful to everyone since everywhere where vehicle can be use in the terrain, at lest the vehicle must pass a bridge. With the latest incident in Mississippi where a bridge collapse, I think I must share this to everyone.

How do you escape from a sinking car?

First, roll down the windows. If the windows are still above the waterline, just climb out. But if the car is sinking fast, wait for the interior to fill with water—you won't be able to open the door until there's enough water inside the car to equalize the pressure on the outside. Opening the windows helps the water flow in faster, which gives you a better chance of escaping before your car sinks too deep. Survival experts recommend keeping your seat belt on until the last possible second. Otherwise, the rush of water could disorient and possibly injure you. Plus, it gives you extra leverage to open the door when it's time to escape. If for some reason you can't open the windows or doors, try kicking out the windshield or smashing a side window as a last resort.

Try not to panic. Easier said than done, of course—the impact of the water or an airbag probably will stun you. But it's hard to hold your breath if your heart is racing and carbon dioxide builds up in your blood too quickly. Survival Systems USA, a firm that trains soldiers in emergency escape techniques, has found that it takes about 20 seconds to escape through the door of a submerged car. A calm, relaxed person can hold their breath for 30 to 45 seconds underwater. So, if your pulse is pounding, you don't have much room for error.

Using Power Drill

Do you have a power drill at your hose? How do you fully utilize it? This is some people make full use of it.

After completing my crowning last May, now I can make a full smile. Luckily after a few month enduring the pain (actually there is no pain :P) , I encounter this website. If I saw this earlier, I definitely will cancel my appointment. And actually, this image really come to my mind when the doctor drill (or file) to a shark shape tooth. Haha...