Rx-Enterprise Opening Ceremony

As I promise, this is some of the picture that I take during the opening ceremony.

This is the banner 'announcing' the opening of our new office. ( Been open at Karamunsing Complex since late 2004 until April 2007 and moved to this office because the old office are small and expensive)

The front door.

One of the children who participated in the coloring contest. For your info, the fella didn't win (poor kids :( ). I did a candid on this one because I know kids didn't like to take photo. Seeing his face, I know he is blur and trying to 'meniru' ( plagiarism) other. Haha....

Our founder for the company that we work at. Dr. Noordin Darus. He is our "Sport Doctor" (Doktor Sukan) years back before he were diagnose with blood cancer on 1st April 2001. Maybe some of us still remember him in Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) early morning program where they put a aerobic exercise slot which he is the one who lead the aerobic. Now he is in business with his water purifier invention called RX-Water. So anybody who needs a new water purifier can call me or drop me a message ;)

Signing ( or I can say 'renewing') business contract.

Exchanging gift. Even in old age, they still do it hahaha.....

This one are the unsuccessful candid. She heard the DSLR distinct click sound.