Random visitor..... And PayPerPost bad news...

Well I checkout my blog site today and found out that someone has randomly visited here. You can see it there at my recent post comment and I have to use Google Translator to translate his comment and also his website. I found out that he is into Personalize T-Shirt Printing. I might as well ads his blog site here. Here we go, Rodrigo, Personalise T-shirt printing. Well hope you can ads me in your blog too. :P

Well, I manage to install my Payperpost code last week, but to my dismay, my application has been rejected because I have been leaving this blog empty without post for more 30+ day. You might aware that I didn't update my blog during May month. Well then, I have to wait for another 3 month then I will resubmit back my application. Well, "it's a long way to the top if you wanna Rock And Roll...."( Quote from School Of Rock)