My childhood hobby

Lately I didn't update regularly my blog because I'm quite busy doing my childhood hobby. Beside collecting Beatles item (or merchandise) and playing guitar, I also have this model kit building hobby.

Recently I'm doing this Mitsubishi Zero model kit. Bought it under Rm50 and straight away building it. (Sorry I didn't have the model kit box picture and also the skeleton/sprue picture).

This is the first part.

Painting job 1.

Paint job 2

Paint job 3

Paint job 4

The process here are quite simple simply by looking to it but it is a tedious job and require a lot of patient. Here is a link to Malaysian Model Kit Building. (In this 'little' project, I manage to get myself an airbrush hehehe) I will put a post about my airbrush.


Nick Phillips, MY said...

Reading your post and looking at those pix sure brings back childhood memories of hen I used build my own model planes, tanks, etc ... nice post, dude.

LeeJB said...

Nick : Yes, sometimes, when I doing that plane, I can reminiscing my childhood times... Those were the days....

Kay Kastum said...

Dude. That is cool.