Mobile phone are making us more dumb?

Blame it your phone. Yes, your trusted phone with ***** brand (I refuse to say the Brand here coz I didn't want to be sued :)) According to some research, people starting not using their ability to memorized since the birth of speed dial, PDA and also computers. And this may leads to brain disease like Alzheimer.

Not like our older generation, at their younger years, they are committing their brain to memorized a lots of thing like phone number (mobile phone are not invented yet), and also addresses (and there is no email yet).

Yes, we the younger generation are blessed with this all technologies and I can see all of us are getting lazier each year. Hey, if there is no computer, how are we going to blog about this?? (And I know the research also from internet :P )

So the conclusion is : Hand phone + PDA X Computer = We are dumb! Ahahha...

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