Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com

If I know this e-book exist earlier, I bet my blog site will be 'FULL' with post. I found out this is are good e-book for blogger who just started and trying to get rich by blogging ( that's include me). I haven't finish reading it yet, just a little but I have to make at lest 1 post per day ( yes i want to commit by posting at lest 1) because... well just read it then you know why... Well it's about what you supposed to have in you blog site, pantang larang (taboo - its not inside the e-book saying it's taboo but a no-no) in blogging and much more. Well I'm trying to get a lots of traffic to this blog but I'm still clueless. Might as well buying a new site, eh? Well tell me how to buy a site please.

Make Money Online With John Chow dot Com.

In the mean while I will try to edit some picture (from my Kudat trip) that I have been promise to update long time ago.

But anyway, I will be busy this coming 3-4 day because at 8th of this month (that is July 2007) ther will be a Grand Opening for our new stockist office. So I will also upload some picture later from the opening....