Kota Kinabalu First Jazz Festival

My goodness gracious.... This is first article that I still keep at my memo wall....

Yes this is the first Jazz Festival in Sabah. We all know about Jazz Festival at Miri quite recently. Actually I'm dying to go there but I know I won't have the budget to go there (and even staying there at Miri).

And this morning when I first opened the paper, this what I find out...

The concert will be featuring international acclaim artistes like Farid Ali a.k.a Mr. Gambus (Malaysia), vocalist Denise (dubbed live-wire on stage), British born pianist Asif Pishori and youngest brother Imran (keyboards), and Venezuela's James Vielma (percussion/vocals) who has been involved in Latin Music from a very young age.

Earlier in the day on Aug 11 itself, two workshops will be conducted by master musician for enthusiastic members of the public from 11 am to 1 pm at The Rock School, Likas Sport Complex Golf Driving Range. Lessons on drum and bass will be held by world-renowned drummer Lewis Pragasam and Prof Hanafie Mohd Imam while Farid Ali and Wang will conduct the workshop on guitar and gambus.

The result, 2 tickets worth RM100 each.

Bought it at Sri Pelancongan (also can call them at 088-232121) this afternoon. Unfortunately this event are going to be on Saturday. I'm taking leave for this even so that I can join the Guitar Workshop conducted by Farid Ali and Roger Wang but I think my wife won't make it to join me to the Fest. I hope she can make something about it so that she can join me.

Yeah, my dream come true at last ( but not yet :( )


Kay Kastum said...

Looks like you gonna have an awesome time man. I only seen a free one sponsored by Heineken or was it Calsberg in Mont Kiara a few years back. I only remembered our local guy Mr KC on his 12 string bass. He was awesome!