I cannot stand not to write something today. I remember this number long ago since I was a kid. Because when I heard or saw this number, the thing that first came up in my mind is the Boeing 777. I used to dream of being a pilot. Yet the dream shattered when I have to wear this extra eyes (yes, my spectacles). As long as I know, today's date is 07/07/07.

In this date, lots of gamblers are trying their luck because in black jack 7+7+7 is 21. And lots of people are getting married as well. For me, this date are just means busy because of the opening ceremony tomorow. Hmmm.... getting married.... I'm thinking if I make my wedding reception on this 08/08/2008 date. Lebih banyak 'hong'eh?? Well Kevin Wong, you should read this blog because the answer for you question are in this blog hehehhe...