What I say... (Hint: Ray Charles)

I'm bored to death. Nothing to say or blog about. Outside it's raining like hell. Feeling FUBAR waiting for stocks that WE ordered but didn't arrive. Have to give lame excuses to all customer why we haven't got the stock yet.

My Teh C Panas just arrive and I just finish my coffee. My watch are out of timing for unknown reason (the milisecond needle was out from the suppose position). Waiting for someone (you know who you are :P) to deliver the KWSP aka EPF application form but still didn't got the time to go there.

I felt my life like repeating everyday. My stock balance didn't balance at all even I work through it. Found a long lost friend blog. Still didn't have any friend to go chilling out. Currently listening to "Folsom Prison Blues" song. Next is --anysongs-- from Ray Charles. Damn, I listen enough Ray Charles. I listen Free Bird from Lynard Skynard instead. Reminds me Forest Gump and don't-know-what-the-name movie by Rob zombie.

Flashback this morning, I saw this public transport station in KK but still got no improvement. Got a lots of money but still 'Kedekut' to upgrade. Think this KK folks are still 'kampungan'. Damn!

Yes I am out from my mind today. Suppose to post some good things to review but instead I just let my own self out. Yes, the internet are slow and we supposed to get faster connection. Like Tenacious D said "The gov****** totaly sucks you m*****f*ck*r". Yeah, they sucks big time.

And there in the other side, my friend listening Honesty by Billy Joel. Hmmm.... Honesty such a lonely word..... I know nobody give a damn to honesty nowdays.

HONESTLY, I need a rest. I mean, not just rest. Please somebody, bring me out and have some fun. Where is everybody????