Video game addiction: A new diagnosis for mental illness?

Game (online or non online) addiction are the worst problem that actually I've seen in lots of my friends. They even don't want to bother their jobs to be done that waiting them at the office. It's a sad truth. I myself almost addicted to this addiction.

Just imagine they willing spending their time or sacrifice their rest time just to play online game. Sleep around 7 a.m then wake up around 12-2 p.m then start back their gaming session until wee hour or until they can see the sun rises again. Especially when there is an "EVENT" in their 'other' world. Sometime I feel that they are more like game 'junkie'. You can see the symptom right through their eyes....

Here's a list of common symptoms to watch out for:

1. Lying about how much time is spent online.
2. General decrease of physical activity and social life.
3. Neglecting obligations at home, work, or school to spend time online.
4. Spending too much money on computer equipment or Internet activities.
5. Feeling a constant desire to be online when they're away from the computer.
6. Going online to escape real world problems.
7. Disregarding the emotional or physical consequences of being in front of a computer all day.
8. Denial of the problem.

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