Transformer, movie that worth for your money...

Last night my wife and I went for this Transformer Movie. Well, at first we just thought this is just a normal 'real obvious' cgi generated robot movie. But... wait a minute... That real helicopter really turn to a robot? But should it so obvious that it should be a robot? Wow!

Well this is what I call a real Transformer Movie. But for hardcore Transformer fans out there will be a bit disappointed because this movie lack a lots of sound effect. You will only heard some transforming sound effect and the story line is a bit out from the original plot.

For the whole movie (that is 2.3 hour), this is the first time that I went for a movie that everybody in the cinema are quite. And the funny part is when BumbleBee went transforming from old Camaro to brand new model Camaro, everybody clapping! LMAO!!
And not forgetting this line "the boy's pheromone level shows that he wants to mate with the girl" LMAO!

So for those who not yet watch this movie, better not to miss this. I promise it will make you "bagagar biji" (rattle your "balls").