I'm a BAAAAAADDD person....(Not!)

Yeah, I've been abandoning my blog for 2 moons now. Still finding some time to update it but been busy with new things to catch up.

I will start to update as regular as I could. Yup, I promise to upload some picture some month ago but I didn't. Anyway I will do it sooner now or maybe tonight.

Hope anybody out there will start to look at my blog again. Anyway, I've been thinking that should I switch to "wordpress" blog or just stick to this blogspot. Recently I was thinking of to make some adjustment to my page so that it will look attractive. How I would that, I will decide it later. And also I've been thinking that maybe I could earn some money from my blog.

My recent obsession is to learn to play JAZZ music.(That's why I've been gone for quite a while). I manage to buy a classical guitar during my absent time and manage to learn some of jazz music. I'm still at it now, learning from a book, one at a time.
This is my latest baby, Takamine G116 Classical Guitar. Bought for Rm720 (after being discount from Rm 850, it's quite a bargain). I've been looking her ( I mean this guitar :P) for 2 weeks and decided to buy her. It took me 5 classical guitar try out before I really choose this baby. Bought also a hard case for her and also a guitar stand so that I can put her down on a 'cradle' while I'm not 'caressing' her for a while hehehhe.... The sound are good but the workmanship of this baby are not so good. But at lest this baby has a sweet and strong voice like a 'blackbird' ( Yes I'm a hardcore Beatles fan). I haven't decided yet what to call her yet.....