Putera Restaurant. Located at Bukit Padang, Luyang. For those who are local in Kota Kinabalu sure know this place. They serve steamboat here. The food are buffet style for only Rm26++ per person with minimum 2 person per table. For those who have good appetite, this is a great place to go.

This is buffet style steamboat. They also serve various food. That means you can eat till you drop.

Actually they have two restaurants that is open air restaurant and air-condition restaurant. Since the open air restaurant have been booked of a wedding on that day, those who come have no other choice than have to go to the air condition restaurant. The air condition restaurant are quite stuffy and steam from the steamboat can make cloth smell food.

Open air restaurant. Anyway, me and my wife end up paying Rm61.60 plus smelly cloths.