My car broke down...

Yup, my car broke down (that is what I'm thinking) until I realize that it is only because the battery dead. To my embarrassment, the mechanic did come to my house to try to figure out what happen to it and this is what happens. He reverse his car (yes, his car battery is located at the back of his car), connect the jump start wire and ask me to start the car. In first attempt, the car started. Immediately I say, "Astaga, bikin malu saja!" (Oh my, what an embarrassment!). But one thing that I can forget is what he said to me. “Ini bateri macam orang juga. Kalau itu orang mau 'jalan'(mati), dia terus jalan. Macam bateri juga.”(Battery is like human. If the times comes to go(dead), then he will go without warning. Just like battery.) And reminds me Forest Gump, "Life is a box of chocolate...."

And now my car is at his workshop to change a few things. I’ll post it when it’s ready.
This is my mechanic, who turn my car from a timid Kancil to a Kancil monster….